Lindsay N. Ball
Marketing Communications Specialist at Medimpact
Josh is a talented designer and considerate teammate. I've had the pleasure of working with Josh for several years. I'm impressed not only by his designs, but by his ability to think through every angle of how a user would interact with our websites in order to make that experience as seamless and positive as possible.

In addition to his talent as a designer, Josh is also a great colleague because of his calm and professional demeanor. I appreciate his patience and willingness to explain the reasons behind his actions so we have a better understanding of why things work the way they do. He listens to our requests and works with our marketing team to find a solution that accomplishes our ultimate goal. It helps all of us work together more effectively. I would be glad to have Josh on my team any day!

Tatyana Faktor
Director, Software Development at Medimpact
Joshua is a very talented senior level UI designer. He is passionate about producing highly creative end-results with outstanding quality. He displays ability to learn rapidly and is very adept at quickly changing priorities to meet each situation’s challenges, always fostering team cohesiveness. it is a pleasure to have Josh on the team.

Carl Christofferson
Software Engineering Manager at Teradata
Joshua is a UI/UX Design Engineer for me at Teradata and has really made a big difference on our project. His UI/UX/Graphics/Design/Dev skills are fantastic! We would prototype the UI requirements together and he would just instantly bang out these great screens. Then he'd have them working with psuedo code in no time so the developers would know exactly what the final product should look like and do. Josh is a great asset to the team.

Sam Horodezky
UX Director at Aprimo / Teradata
Josh is a great all-round web designer. He has skills in graphic design, interaction design, and CSS\HTML. But more than that he is an out of the box thinker and a dedicated worker. I'm glad I got a chance to work with Josh, and I hope I will again in the future.

Nathan Pearce
Director of Skunkworks at Sony Online Entertainment
I hired Joshua as a Web Developer for the Skunkworks team at Sony Online Entertainment, but what I got was a Digital Age Renaissance Man. This guy can do almost anything. I'd come up with a concept, and he'd use original art, HTML, Javascript, Flash, Actionscript, After Effects and plenty of other technologies I don't even pretend to understand to make the vision a reality. Apparently, he's great at 3D, too! And at the end of all that work, the final prototype I'd present to the Exec team, would always end up way better than what I had first envisioned.

Josh has a bulletproof work ethic, too. I never asked to stay late, come in early, or work the weekends on the tight deadline projects, but he had the initiative, work ethic and responsibility to make those calls himself, do it anyway and sometimes tell me about it later!

Mad skills, fantastic work ethic, VERY intelligent, great initiative, trustworthy judgment. Josh is a super star.

Carol Buehrens
Chief User Experience Architect at ICW Group
We brought Josh in as a Senior Interaction Designer. He immediately jumped into a hot project, creating the CSS, JavaScript, and DHTML for a clickable prototype which was then passed to development for back-end engineering. His next project included a Flash application for which he collected the requirements, held planning meetings, provided wireframes and mock-ups, made the presentation to the stakeholders and gained approval to go forward. Once he completed the project, he surprised us with complete documentation including a step-by-step training guide on how to support the application and vendor instructions.

Josh is very talented, a good communicator and is wonderful to work with. He proactively seeks feedback and eagerly improves his projects without complaint. I can't say enough good things about him - Josh is a winner and will be a valuable asset for any company!

Clarke Graves
Senior Web Designer at Upper Deck
Josh is a tenacious and detail-oriented designer who's respect for the design process gets quality results time and time again. Josh is cautious about taking a short-cut in developing on a project, as he realizes that long term flexibility and sustainability of success is often reliant on a well thought-out approach. This leads to websites and flash files that have longer lifespans and are very flexible for re-purposing and re-branding....("code once, use multiple times"). Not only does he care about a quality process when he designs, but he cares about the feedback given to him from all levels to ensure his target audience is accounted for.

Josh produces quality web design via html, css and flash mediums, and always is open to exchanging feedback with peers. This makes him a valuable member of any team

Toby Alfaro
Experienced Software Engineering Executive at Upper Deck
Josh worked for me as a Web Designer and a Flash Developer for 3 years. I found Josh to be passionate, creative, and dedicated to his profession which has made him a key contributor to many projects. He has a keen eye for details and produced quality work throughout. He actively pursued education to further his skills and understanding of web development and would seek feedback along the way. He was a pleasure to work with.

Mark Davis
Lead Software Manager at Upper Deck
I currently work with Josh at Upper Deck. My group works closely with Josh in the development of several new web applications as well as maintaining continuous changes to our existing sites. Josh is a very creative and talented individual who excels in making our sites look very professional and polished. Our company experienced a number of layoffs and Josh was tasked with taking on additional work as well as managing the development of another designer. During this time Josh, literally, had to learn some new technologies overnight. Josh took this burden on without complaints. It was Josh who assisted my team in delivering a web application, on time, despite incredible obstacles. My team and I owe a debt of gratitude to him. I really enjoy working with Josh and highly recommend him.

Miki Urban
Lead Software Engineer at Upper Deck
I had the pleasure of working with Josh, and can recommend him without any reservations. He never backs down from a web page or flash project, and can turn any task into exactly the design you wanted. He is also not afraid to learn and use new technologies or find unique solutions for difficult problems.

Lee Wong
Interactive Producer at Upper Deck
Josh is dedicated, hard-working and committed to his projects. He seeks feedback on his designs and asks for clarifications when needed. His professionalism made him a pleasure to work with.